Especialy yacht manufacturer have strong networs with local dealers. They have inhouse distribution.

Warranty, Service for the yachts and care would otherwise not be possible. Some yacht brands have an internal distribution structure, others count on broakers or random multibrand dealers. As soon as there are no distribution structure it is dificoult for product services!

Luxury toys should receive a similar attention as yachts. They are complex, expensive and new early models are full of bugs/ problems.

Selling a Yacht is big profit. It is worth the time to focus on sales and services.

Selling a luxury toy involves also high costs, the profit is much lower / more units must be sold. The more problems the product involves and the higher the sales number, the higher is the probabillity that the local dealer will collaps with aftersales issues and can not care about those problems.

It starts out in juging a new product or new model. It ends with warranty repairs.

Warranty cost not only valualble high season time, it imedeately creates unpaicient angry clients. and

Warranty solving is never a profit for the dealer because in high season time is compressed and time costs a lot of money. Manufacturers pay very little or none for warranty repairs. Also it's a time consuming, sometimes never ending storry to manage a warraqnty case. Manufacturers don't like to pay warranty bills, for a dealer it is always a non profit action, and the client does not understand that warranty does not mean express repair service, at least nor by EU laws. If a dealer has not done his homework and has included warranty works into his calculation it will be a pre programed desaster. Dealers mission is to sell despite of competision. Dealers tend to cae less abot AFTER sales ... they want to sell. The only solution is a perfect product (doeas not exist) or a good distributor, that is backing up the dealer in after sales.

This is were the Distributor comes in. It is his responsibillity to organize, execute, and solve warranty cases. He is the link between the manufacturer and the product. Manufacturers are not able and set up  to communicate with dealers and end clients. If the manufacturer is in China or German,y it is impossible and very hard to solve problems with e.g. a spanish first line dealer, that is focust on selling his main product (hauses, yachts). Communication, cultural, and problem solving skills are important!

Furthermore a Distributer will seek and test products before they are distributed. He will define service agreements with the manufacturer. Typical product start up problems are well known to the distributer. Distributor will consult the manufacturer and his dealers, depending o the complexivity, developement stage,  and maintanance requirement of a product.

A good distributor will cover his costs by smart purchase and effective logistics. In the end the price will not be higher for the end client.

A Distributor will also select the best local dealers (localy accepted and experienced dealers) and takes care that the compedtition between local dealers is not unfavorable for product sales & services (repecting EU competitin laws. The best balance between sufficient coverage and skilled dealers is the trick. Knowing your area and clients is the requirement.

A client mus sense the smart structre behind a product. A brand becomes valuable if clients have sustainable good experiences with all involved.  Manufacturer and Distributor must advertise this fact and invest in an effective dealer structure.

There are many more specialities a good Distributor must know. Lots of experience and knowing the area is just as important as good business conections to far of manufacturers. A Disttibutor is a specialist in logistics, product analysis, product services, mediator between competing dealers, motivator and trainer in sales and services, a macro and micro specialist. Even product developement, feedback to manufacturers, statistical skills, and product tests are tasks that a distrbutor should care for.

Distributors also take care of business clients and offer customized products. Good Distributors don't compeete with their dealers! They offer overall support and establish a sustainable strong distribution sturcture.

A client nedds to understand those facts in order to purchase a good package consisting of a good product AND good services at a dealer that is connected to a strong network.