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QUANTITYTIMING (Delivery time)PAYMENTBest Price?
Quantity is the most important factor in order to receive a good whole sale discount! Buy minimum 3 x IAQUA SEADART and we will be happy to offer you an attractive discount.  Example: If you order 36 x IAQUA SEADART then you will receive the best possible Quantity discount.
The Timing (time diference between time of of pre-order payment and delivery time) of your order is very important and will influrence you Quantity discount! If you pre-order before the next summer season (latest before end of January) then your delivery time will be at season start (April/Mai). The early bird gets revarded! Eample: Place your pre- order in November and you will get the best discount on the whole sale Quantity. Buy between June - September and there is usualy no discount for good timing, because demand is always high in summer season and stock sells!
The Payment is also a very important factor. The more you down pay , the better will be your discount! Minimum non refundable pre-payment is 25%. Example: If you order before January 36 x  IAQUA SEADART for the summer season, and you pay 100% up front, then you will receive the best possible discount. The less you pre-pay the less discount your will receive. 
The best price you will receive if you order up to 36 IAQUA SEADART, you pay 100% up front before January, delivery time is in Mai,


We offer to anybody whole sale prices. General delivery conditon is EXW! This means anybody can pick up IAQUA SEADART at our outlets in Spain, Austria, Netherlands, and in cooperation with MENNYACHT also in the Balkan/ East Adriatic area.

We strongly advice to purchase your IAQUA with you local IAQUA dealer!

If you are a rental station then we are happy to offer you a whole sales price and also the best posible aftersales soluton.

If you would like to sell IAQUA you can order with us any time (EXW delivery conditon).

If you want to sell IAQUA as an official IAQUA Reseller/ Dealer, then you need to contact the IAQUA distributor of your Area or IAQUA directely

We are the exclusive official distributor for IAQUA in Spain and Austria.

We supply and deliver IAQUA also into areas that are not covered by a designated distributor (E.g. Switzerland)

We are the exclusive ditributor in the entire EU for IAQUA professional products (Rescue) and the connected services.

Contact us if you want to become a dealer!

Depending on your ressources, your shop, and your location we are able to offer you interesting conditions. 


CONTACT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  info@toymaster,eu



Lithiom ION Battery Facts

Lithium Ion (Li-ION Cells) Batteries vs Luxury watersport / Luxury marine toys!

in this Articel TOYMASTER will explain in a simple way the facts about Li-ION Battery technology in use / applied in water sport equippment. Without Li-Ion Batteries products like e-surf boards and modern dive scooters would not be possible!

Li-ION Batteries are potentially dangerous. Lithium Metal + Water will simply cause 


1. Li-ION Batteries are the revolution in batterie technology because since their invention it is possible to store high amount of energy within a very small and light battery construction. A Lithiuum batterie consists of  


Lithium Batteries are very dangerous in case of a BMS (Battery Management System) failure.

This can cause a so called thermal runaway (rapid fire with smoke).

Normally this can happen when an electric car is in an accident or a battery has a faulty design (SAMSUNG phone burning incident). The cause is a short cut of the cells by impact / rupture of the separating materials.

Watersport Lithium batteries operate in salt water. This adds an additional danger, because the salt water can cause a short cut (if salt water is entering the battery).

In case of a massive damage to a battery container (crash / dropping IAQUA from 10 meters), salt water will enter a crack and short cut the battery. This would cause a massive short cut. The battery will discharge at once. If the IAQUA in the water then it would simply “burn” down innthe water.

The d

 Lithium Battery qualität der Zellen

Li-ION Battery erklärung:



IAQUA features comparison

IAQUA DIVE Scooter features

IAQUA SEADART generation (from 4/2020):

  • tripple water proofbattery safety concept,
  • improoved jet driveand additional
  • safety sensor hard & software update

IAQUA SEADART models & pricing

  • IAQUA basic model: SEADART FUN (4.999€)
  • IAQUA mid range model: SEADART MAX+ (7.499€)
  • IAQUA top model: SEADART PRO(10.999€)

All off the variations share the same dimensions, approx. the same weight, come with a regular charger and an approved flight box as packing.

All IAQUA chargers fit all IAQUA models!

Differences besides price?

  • IAQUA basic model is equipped with LG standard high power cells, that have a good overall performance, run time and life time.
  • The mid range and top IAQUA model contain more expensive SAMSUNG high power cells that

It is a bit like with cars. The same model comes with different engine options! A V8 is of course different in performance and price compared to a V4 engine. V4, or even V3 engines can be powerfull, but they will "rund on the Edge" and suffer in life time. A V 8 ihas lots of punch with much less noise and longer life time.

IAQUA basic model is the affordable version and already one of the most powerfull scooters on the market! ! IAQUA dedicated great specs for the the basic model range,  in order to be on eyesight of the competitors mid range models..  IAQUA basic models hase almost the same capacity like the mid, and top model.. This means just about the same run time.  Competitor's basic model seemes pricy, but in reality you buy approx. half (!) the battery capayity comared to their mid range model. In the end you pay less, but you get less also. To make it look attractive they advertise the low weight. The competitor's basic model is the lightest hig power scooter (approx. - 6 KG), but it has also the by far lowest run time and overal power. If you prefer to carry 6 KG less and accept the lower specs,, then go for the competitor! 

With the IAQUA basic model you receive an attractive package at an attractive price tag! Small draw back is that the basic model comes only in two colours (White and gray).

IAQUA mid range model is the TOYMASTER's choice. It comes with higher specs. and attractive features. The price is still the best on the market!

SAMSUNG battery cells are on board! The SAMSUNG cells deliver high curent output. Hence the mid range model has the full punch, high speed, at best run time. 

SUB LIGHTS . How to tell cometitors appart from in IAQUA? If you see a light it's  an IAQUA! You can turn the LED high power lights  on and off. With lights you can be seen by others, even during day light! Just like it is obligatory for motorcycles we strongly recommend to switch on lights and increase safety!

Sub Lights are very powerful and enable you to simply use the IAQUA in pitch dark and light up the ocean! We did test dives in Thailand and on Mallorca, and it was stunning to light up night life. You feel like a space ship in 0 gravity ... an unforgettable feeling. With sub lights you double up fun time, because now you can explore oceans also at night! This can be also very interesting for rental stations since at night usually beach business stops ... well not anymore!

CARBON KIT will increase appearance a big deal! Think about sport and luxury cars and how carbon is not only cutting down weight and improving stiffness, it simply looks incredibly cool! mid range models have a carbon display housing and the jet outlet bezel is also carbon.

When IAQUA is applying carbon its real carbon! Other brands apply vinyl wrap,dip in wrap, and even apply real carbon fiber on top of the original plastic body! Well, there is only one real way to apply carbon. The part is a carbon part with carbon benefits like increasement in stiffness and less weight. Only then it is real carbon and will create the stunning look!

SPECIAL COLORS are another striking difference in appearance. IAQUA provides within the + package a free choice of colors. This includes colors that are only reserved for mid range (Corsica Orange and Bahamas Blue), and also metallic colors at no extra costs! We mainly import for you of course the metallic colors, as they improve the appearance in combination with the carbon kit and also contain a better color quality (more layers of paint).

SHARK GUARD (this feature is not available for EU models. It is a simple magnetic field that is generated by an electric pulse that runs through a wire. No guarantee that it keeps sharks away;-)

IAQUA top model is packet with all above features and the key difference is that its complete hull (upper and lower body) is from genuine carbon fiber! Naturally the EON will be the winner in appearance and if you own one then you can call that not only the fastest and most advanced water toy in the world, it is also the most impressive full carbon high tech weapon that increases stiffness and speed up even more.

The properties of a full carbon IAQUA dive scooter are better, because less weight means more speed! Also the stiff body improves agility and planing even more. Is there anything that can be compared to a IAQUA top range model? Well, the competitive product with similar specs is also available in carbon, but it is only carbon laminated. A Maybe real Carbon layer on top of the upper plastic hull … which makes it actually heavier as before. The IAQUA has a true/ genuine light wight CARBON construction. Only IAQUA has lower hull in CARBON and therefor a much stiffer and better Performing hydrodynamicy with cool defusers finishing the sporty look. 

We hope that you now understand that the model variations with IAQUA really mean big differences and not only artificial variation of a core product. No matter what model Name or model version you may spott on the market, IAQUA alsways have a basic, mid range, and toop model that differ in the above specs. besides that, the model Name may indecate the state of technical Evolution and never where actually available / sold in the EU (SEAJET STINGRAY, IAQUA NEO, IAQUA EON, IAQUA ONE, IAQUA 650c, IAQUA 720s, IAQUA 720, IAQUA 770, IAQUA 900. You can be sure that you will receive always the NEWEST IAQUA when you order with us or with one of our dealers! If you order your IAQUA in Advance, you can be sure that it will Always contain newer Technology compared to units in stock. IAQUA dive scooters that where displayed at pre Season boatshows represent rather the former model than the newest, because IAQUA is much faster in innovation than boat shows / the maritime Industry, that usualy presents the new stuff during the end of Season / winter.   

Especially for rental business, commercial use, and just to be sure to cover also heavy weight users, we recommend the mid range models !

Sub Lights are a big plus and the striking look underlines your investment in a power- / beautiful machine.

With mid range IAQUA divescooter we think you purchase the best "bang for your buck", including highest quality components and a striking sporty luxury sport car look at a reasonable price tag.

That is why we stock up mainly the mid range model. However, you are welcome to order with us any IAQUA, and the newest version will be produced and even air shipped to you! If you are confused, buy the actual mid range IAQUA version!

PALMA judgement

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File name: judgement_CAYAGO_-_IAQUA_PALMA_2020.png

1057 128




IAQUA specification comparison en

IAQUA model  specification comparison




IAQUA top model:100%

IAQUA middle class model:87%

IAQUA BASIC model:64%

Competitor's middle class model:77%




IAQUA top model:100%

IAQUA mid class model:100%

IAQUA basic model:88%

Competitor's basic model:51%




IAQUA top model:100%

IAQUA mid class model:68%

IAQUA basic model:45%

Competitor's basic (low cost) model:94%




We compare main SPECIFICATIONS of the IAQUA basic model (SEADART FUN), mid range model (SEADART MAX+), and top model (SEADART PRO) witch each other.  YOu see also the relevant best copetitor's model (basic, mid range, top) in this comparision against the IAQUA's model (colored bar).

With respect to the competitor we do not name the brand. Please take into account that each brand has additional features that have to be considered when coparing brands! 

Purpose of the comaprison is to indecate differences of the comarable  properties. 


We compare the rated horse POWER, the  effective power the dive scooter is able to release. The power depends on hard- and software. Top models, compared to mid range models partly release more power, due to different software settings or/and extra power settings (super speed).

The battary properties (type & brand) are a preconditon for possible max. power ratings. A high power output always consumes more engery and depending on the battery cell might is only available for shoort ime or limits the lifetime of the battery! All dive scooters have at high speeds and under full load (driver'sweight) a high power consumption.   Thermal stress (developing heat)is the limiting factor. However, we do not compare prototype - , show models, rescue versions, or devises with a short power burst function. Compare also the CAPACITY of the batteries, to get an idea how long the fun will last / "how much power you got on board"!

CAPACITY is the amount of power you have "in your tank"! Modern high speed dive scooters are always equipped with high power lithium cells. The amount of power that a cell can hold depends on the the cell type/brand. The total number of cells / their weight, in relation to the power in KWh/Ah each cell can hold is the KWh/ KG ratio. slightly better power& capacity / weight ratio. weight The Capacity to battery weight ratio also reveales the cell quallity used. IAQUA uses SAMSUNG or LG (basic model) lithium cells. Both are good, however, SAMSUNG is the more expensive and better cell. In order to comare on fair bases you must take into account how big is your tank / how many cells are on board. Manufacturers must carfully ballance power, capacity, and weight in order to offer a strong scooter with a long runtime. Futhermore the batterie should not work too hard in order to have a long lifetime.
We compare the recomended net. list PRICE in the EU (without VAT). It is not posible to compare prices between EU and ASIA / US, because transport, import tax and EU certification involve higher costs. IAQUA prices in Asia differ naturaly to EU prices. Compared within Competition we compare EU net RRP / list prices!









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