Lithiom ION Battery Facts

Lithium Ion (Li-ION Cells) Batteries vs Luxury watersport / Luxury marine toys!

in this Articel TOYMASTER will explain in a simple way the facts about Li-ION Battery technology in use / applied in water sport equippment. Without Li-Ion Batteries products like e-surf boards and modern dive scooters would not be possible!

Li-ION Batteries are potentially dangerous. Lithium Metal + Water will simply cause 


1. Li-ION Batteries are the revolution in batterie technology because since their invention it is possible to store high amount of energy within a very small and light battery construction. A Lithiuum batterie consists of  


Lithium Batteries are very dangerous in case of a BMS (Battery Management System) failure.

This can cause a so called thermal runaway (rapid fire with smoke).

Normally this can happen when an electric car is in an accident or a battery has a faulty design (SAMSUNG phone burning incident). The cause is a short cut of the cells by impact / rupture of the separating materials.

Watersport Lithium batteries operate in salt water. This adds an additional danger, because the salt water can cause a short cut (if salt water is entering the battery).

In case of a massive damage to a battery container (crash / dropping IAQUA from 10 meters), salt water will enter a crack and short cut the battery. This would cause a massive short cut. The battery will discharge at once. If the IAQUA in the water then it would simply “burn” down innthe water.

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