SEABOB F7 battery cell/ SAFT VL41M

299,00 € (247,11 € excl VAT) each

This cell type is used in SEABOB and DELFJET dive scooters (5,12,5.12 ACS,SEABOB VX2,SEABOB F7, SEABOB MAGNUM, SEABOB RAVEJET) 

SEABOB modells SEABOB F5, Seabob F5s, SEABOB F5SR use different cell type (18650)!

The VL45M cellfrom SAFT ist compared to 18650 type (typical cylindrical electric cigarette/ laptop LI-ion)battry cell) much bigger and holds much more capacity.

Manufacturers specs you find here:

basic specs:

  • TYPE: VL41M
  • nominal Voltage 3,6V
  • rated Capacity at C/3: 39Ah
  • weight 1,12 KG
  • lenght: 22,2 cm
  • diameter: 5,43 cm
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The VL41M equips also high power millitary equipment and is installed in Satellites.

The VL41M is not sold to consumers and usualy is installed in a customized battery container. SEABOB batteryies are constructed with VL41M in a permanentely sealed container. Only the BMS / electronics is accessable.

A SEABOB batteey cell can be exchanged by destroying the watewrproof container. It is not possible to exchange cells in a SEABOB battery. CAYAGO officially discontinued to exchange SEABOB battery cells. The cells we sell were distracted from SEABOBs with a technical problem (not water ingress, not deep discharge). We do not offer damaged or dischaged (under 2,7 voilt) cells! All cells are used and in good order. A SEABOB has typicaly under 100 hours (100 cycles) of life time. The VL41M cells have therefor experienced only a fraction of the cycles they are cabable of (see  manufacturer spec. sheet).

We advise not to rerpace SEABOB battery cells!

The cell has M6 thread connector at plus and minus terminals. This makes it safe and easy to connect more than one cell to a pack. Li-ion cells need a Battery Management System (BMS)! We offer a functional warranty on a used cell. This means the cell will have the indecated capacity and properties at the time you receive the cell.