If it is fun to use, it is most likely well build. A product that is simple to use, with good ergonomy, no compromizes reflects a careful design and Construction. 

But also important is reliabillity. This is the biggest problem with electric luxury water toys. A good maintanance concept and available services can go a long way. It is the best balance between price, used materials, smart construction and services that back those factors up. A good product ... at first sight ... can become a nightmare, if it prooves not to be reliable, can not be maintanaced easily, and no services available. We test the long term reliabillity and manufacturers services. We test in tropical conditions (Thailand), were water and air temparatures are above avarage and humiety is nearly 100%. Also we use the products long term comercialy, that is the best test available. Don't trust published tests or youtube reviews. They may be paid for and never have an in depth understanding, due to lack of time, experiance, and who knows what manfacturers have provided for a test ... the real thing? All manufacturers show of tend to overrate their prototypes.