We are the Maritime LUXURY TOY Specialists!

we are specialized on english, german, and spanish speaking clients, that enjoy luxury watersport mainly in Spain.

We have TOYMASTER service centers in Germany, Austria, and Mallorca/ Spain. 



Breaking News:

BOOT 2022 "the German Boatshow" canceled! Due to resent local CORONA restrictions, all internatinal exhibitions in janurary were canceled!

No problem, at season start you will find us at Vienna baotshow (Tulln 2022 in March) and we welcome you at PALMA Boatshow on Mallorca. 

IAQUA SEADART TT (2022 TOYMASTER version, "Tested & Tuned" ) is in stock! You can order and we deliver without delay!



die BOOT 2022 (und andere grosse überregionale Veranstaltungen),  wurden auf Grund von aktuellen OMIKRON CORONA Massnahmen von der NRW Landesregierung "verboten".

Für uns war das schon absehbar, denn der Gesundheitsminister hat in der 1. Bundestagssitzung "ein Verbot für Messen und Kongresse" nicht ausgeschlossen. Kein Problem! Sie finden uns pünktlich zum Saisonstart in Österreich auf der Tulln Boatshow, und wie immer auch auf Mallorca zur spektakulären PALMA BOATSHOW 2022 IAQUA SEADART TT (2022 TOYMASTER Version "Tested & Tuned") haben wir auf Lager und kann jederzeit bestellt und ausgeliefert werden!



Luxury marine Toy specialist since 2007

"If you want to make clients happy sell Ice cream!" (Steve Jobs)

It is our goal to make clients happy with tested luxury toys, so You can enjoy them like "Ice Cream", without quality and performance melting away!

TOYMASTER is the revolution in product Evaluation, Distribution, and after Sales Services.

We select our products very carefully and inform transparently also of disadvantages. We appoint reliable dealers and provide the best possible product package

The MANUFACTURER is inventing, creating, and producing the product. A lot can go wrong in that process. We are experienced in spotting good & bad products. The quality of a product reflects the business philosophy of the manufacturer ...read more
The PRODUCT is something the manufacturer introduces into markets by advertising. Do the product specifications really meet reality?  Is the product well build? Are materials worthy? Is the handling easy, and is the overall performance as expected? Those things we check first. The fun factor is the most important. … read more
The DISTRIBUTOR is a whole seller, buying big quantities and distributing them to Dealers (B2B Sales). Distributors margin is usually not as high as the dealer margin. In Luxury toy / water sport business the Distributor has many  more very important functions … read more
The DEALER is the last link between the manufacturer and the Client (B2C Sales).  There are many type of dealers and each type has it's advantages and disadvantages. … read more

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don't get traped in logistic crisis and order your Luxury Gadget/ Luxury marine toy with TOYMASTER in time! 

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