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IAQUA SEADART basic fact sheet



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The IAQUA Story

We were the first authorized SEABOB dealer, that was affected on our market by IAQUA!

Since 2013 we are exhibiting at international boat-shows in Thailand. 2016 we were invited to the VIP KATA Rocks Boat Show in Phuket, in order to present our SEABOB dive scooters for trial and purchase.

Well, we were stunned when we witnessed the debut of a IAQUA! Back then it seemed like a Concept from a bunch of international enthusiasts. But we already felt and figured that this team of young man was ment to stay and redefine the Dive Scooter / DPV with modern electronics and stunning new features, at much lower Price tag.

Only few months later at the Thailand Yacht Show IAQUA presented at the sunnseeker stand several, way more detailed units, but also a technical fully working unit!

We knew that next Thai season it would not make sense to present the then obviousely overpriced SEABOB in Thailand anymore ... especially in the light of the lacking service support from CAYAGO (remark: it took untill 2019 to establish finaly a SEABOB service in Thailand).

2018/19 we were invited to the official presentation of the finished IAQUA dive scooter product at the famos CATCH Beach Club.

We had the chance to test IAQUA dive scooter models  ONE & NEO (discontinued) . Numerous international dealers were present. Everybody was stunned of the professional way the new product was presented to the public.

IAQUA is a big high tech player in Shenzhen China. The background is impressive, because IAQUA is a branch of one of the biggest automotive part manufacturers in the world. This means that IAQUA products follow high automotive quality standards, and they know how to produce  reliable quality at low price in China. 

IAQUA produces genuine industrial products. This is why quality is high, and costs are low! Also the innovation and production speed follow car industry bench marks.

Maybe now you understand why IAQUA will be a game changer, and they just started to revolutionize water sport products.

The IAQUA team consists of international engineers that are proud to work and produce in high tech Shenzhen. Product development and innovation take place where highest technology standards are given. We all must understand that in many aspects this is not any more only the western world! Where does your smartphone come from? Who builds the best TV's , Where do car makers purchase technology?

Dive Scooter History

The IAQUA Dive Scooter is the prime IAQUA product. It took around two years of development to create a state of the art multi-functional electric water craft.

In dive scooter history there have been many types of scooters. What pops into mind are torpedo like shaped machines that were used in James Bond movies in the 1970's.

Those scooters were already battery driven, with a propeller or jet drive / housed propeller (impeller),  handles, and some sort of switches and indicators to turn on/off and adjust speed.

For waterlevel use and snorkeling there was a very common gasoline driven snorkel scouter in the 1980's. Many clients report that they actually used that water sled when they were young. Besides that there are numerous devices that run on top of the water and can also pearce through the waves.

Dive industry produced numerous electric driven scooters that had improved hydrodynamic efficiency, small size, exchangeable batteries, and even good looking colorful design in mind (SCUBAPRO, SEADOO, Yamaha, and many more).

A device called "DelfhJet" represented a very powerful version of such a dive scooter and contained first modern and crazy expensive space technology Lithium Ion batteries. Unfortunately the company had no success and was nearly bankrupted.  CAYAGO (Rotinor GmbH) has purchased the DELFJET leftovers, gave the DELFJET a facelift and gave it another name (SEABOB).

SEABOB F7 received in approx. 2007 the last upgrade. SEADOO and YAMAHA also redesigned their scooters and switched to LI-ION technology. The SEABOB 5.12 was very heavy but very fast also. SEABOB Rave Jet, ACS, VX2, 4.12 and F7 where all variations of the original SEABOB 5.12./ (original DELFJET). Some models had more power or exchangeable batteries (actually nobody used this feature much).

CAYAGO (the SEABOB company) managed to reduce weight further by switching to the industrial standard "18650" battery cell type in approx. 20011. The hull was still foam filled and came in modern plastic design, similar to seadoo jet skies. There are few aluminum frame parts. The so called "F5" series is up to this day the only product of CAYAGO. F5S and F5SR are rather derivations of the F5 that contain the full amount of battery cells, hence more power and capacity. With introduction of the SEABOB F5SR the integrated camera was also presented. 

SEABOB F5/F5S/F5SR share the same base construction. SEABOB was very successful with this product, because it was simply fun and much lighter than the former 65 KG F7. However, constant technical draw backs were also part of the new F5 series history, and it is not an easy task to provide service all over the world. Main problem was that a SEABOB could not be entirely diagnosed/repaired off shore.

Neither CAYAGO, IAQUA, or SEADOO (and many other brands more) invented the dive scooter (propelled or semi jet driven DPV). The dive scooters we see today (IAQUA, SEABOB, AMAZEA …) are simply the result of combining modern technology into a more or less hydrodynamic hull!

IAQUA redesigned the existing Technology, used 2018 electronics and made the dive scooter not only even better with now state of the Art technology, but also a lot less expensive. Genuine experienced industrial production is the reason for not only improved technology but also reasonable prices! … especialy when compared to cometitors with outdated 1.0 technical design. 

When IAQUA intorduced the Dive Scooter (2017/18  models), CAYAGO and others simply ignored first reports from dealers about the interesting competitor that has the potential to make compeditors obsolit. 

In Sept. 2018 CAYAGO applied in German court (DÜSSELDORF)  for a so called preliminary injunction (PI), that suggested that IAQUA shall not import their STINGRAY model into EU. Seeming to suddenly fear IAQUA, CAYAGO's first move was to sell CAYAGO GmbH (Austria) to the quickly new founded CAYAGO TEC Gmbh Germany.

CAYAGO claimed that IAQUA is simply a  Chineese online seller that is intending to sell a SEABOB copy into EU.

That was basically the content of the PI application / the Picture drawn in front of Düsseldorf Court.  Furthermore CAYAGO proclaimed the good reputation and solid CAYAGO history.  There where sworen statements and questionable evedence that supposed to prove that IAQUA simply copied the SEABOB. CAYAGO did not mention that they actualy have been selling the barly altered DELFJET. Also the F5 design series was ON PURPOSE very close to the original DELFJET / SEABOB F7 design, in order to be reconized by the customer. That means that the F5 design can't be new at the same time. What IP argumentation. In our opinion the hydrodynamic dive scooter war invented since JAMES BOND and many others shwed of the concept. All existing products are in every aspect a "copy". The only difference is the state of the art terchnology used. In that aspect IAQUA is in 2020 the leading brand! CAYAGO did not display anything new at 2020 GERMAN Boatshow … not even an technical update.

Same old (2011) F5 series was celebrated at GERMAN BOOT 2020 (biggest maritime trade show and at the same time CAYAGO main stage for inventions). 

However, the German court granted the PI. . IAQUA reacted by simply altering the design (2019 DELFJET) in order to be even more distinctive and advanced.  

IAQUA could have legaly defended their "STINGRAY". Resulting CAYAGO claims during PALMA bpoatshow 2018 a Spanish Court even decided it is NOT a SEABOB design copy, CAYAGO lost the case! However, IAQUA apparently prefers changing the design faster and less cost effective than figting a never ending legal case in complecated slow EU courts.

Important to know is that IAQUA never agreed with CAYAGO  that the STINGERAY design was a copy, let alone that a Court came to that final conclusion.  IAQUA simply agreed to the courts PRELIMINARY opinion and had the case closed. From that moment STINGRAY design was not available in EU. In reality it has been discontinued already in mid 2019.

Never the less, IAQUA filed for a so called  anulliation of the CAYAGO F5 community design, since it lacks to be a new design ( DELFJET, SEABOB 5.12,m F7 and many similar designs were first!).

All the IAQUA STINGRAY models in the EU (none where officialy sold into the EU besides approx. 10 Units to Spain) and all the STINGRAY that were imported by dealers, are NOT affected by the GERMAN PRELIMINARY decision against IAQUA.

An IAQUA STINGRAY is perfectly legal in EU. The Spanish STINGRAYS have been imported legaly BEFORE the CAYAGO claim, and the court in Spain did not follow the GERMAN preliminary decision. 

YOu MY wonder why we explain this IP battle in Detail. Well, it is simply unbelivable how a better, more advanced, and demanded product can be blocked in EU if skilled (Swiss) lawyers lay out an actually anti competitative legal strategy, with the aim to stop a competitive brand. On top that happens on Costs of local delers that legaly imported the product!   

CAYAGO is furthermore attacking dealers, distributors, and IAQUA, claiming that even the changed design is a "copy". The design is registered and was rated by 7 different IP lawyers as 90 % probability of not infringing design rights.  

Also CAYAGO is claiming that technical patets are beiing infringed. It is behind a normal persons understanding eactly what comon technology supposed to infringe on a dive scooter? Nothing on a DPV like a SEABOB is revolutionary new! 

Important News: The case against TOYMASTER (CAYAGO - IAQUA) was dismissed by the criminal court of PALMA!

The FINAL JUDGEMENT (download)  CAYAGO vs IAQUA  contains a resolution with a clear argumentation / only final judgement of an EU court!  This is the only court that has actualy took into account all the evedence, heared BOTH sides. The judge permitted a CAYAGO inforced witness (a copetitive dealer) and several physical inspections of the IAQUA STINGRAY model by a CAYAGO appointed specialists! Never the less, the case was dismissed and products have to be returned.

IAQUA (TOYMASTER as an importer of IAQUA ) was proven  NOT GUILTY!

Water sport industry is changing, and we believe that all kind of water toys will be revolutionized and will benefit in modern technology and advantages of industrialized production. This will result in lower Prices and more reliable products. This is called technical Evolution and free (!)market economy

IAQUA general Information

The IAQUA dive scooter can be used on top and under wate up to 40 m depth. It is battery (accumulator) driven and can be recharged with a fast charger. The IAQUA scooters / DPV weight approx. 29 - 36 KG, have a modern design, are built from state of the art composite material that is supported by marinegrade aluminum parts.  Also available in a much stiffer full genuine carbon version.

IAQUA dive scooters are build with simplicity and innovation in mind. All modules are mounted neatly on a tray/platform. Crucial parts (like the handles to hold on and the carry handles) are metal supported (marine grade aluminum). Also in terms of thermal design no compromises were made.

ECU (the brain and power switching center) is milled aluminum and will transport heat very effectively into the air or water. Many competitors like dive scooters, electric surf boards, and other electric powered machines suffer severely from thermal problems! This causes the devices to cut down power, stop, or even get damaged.

MOSFETS are the most sensitive parts of any modern electric driven vehicle. They will transfer battery power into motion, by supplying a precisely triggered frequency controlled high current to the electric motor windings. This high power switching technology is a critical process to manage and control! Most manufacturers rely on radio shack parts or have them customized. IAQUA develops critical parts from scratch, applying latest technologies and up to date components.   

MOSFETS need to be cooled down constantly or they will simply burn. It is essential that a manufacturer is able to control thermal dynamics and constructs a technology that safely enables and controls high currents and excessive heat development. It takes the best available parts and most up to date technology in order to compete in that segment. Constant technology revision and improvement is the only way to stay on top of performance, reliability, and also product safety. Watercooled parts are not a solution if a device is actually used on top of the water! Many compeditor's technical design is faulty, because on top of the water (when planing) the technology is partly not water cooled! The technical design must take the harsh conditions of marinetime use into account! 

IAQUA not only has the resources and access to the highest technology standards, they also have the engineers that understand how modern technology works and can be applied in an industrial sense. This is what makes the IAQUA DPV unique on the market, because it is the high tech industry discovering and understanding the water sport market!

Many "garage start ups" in the dive scooter market (will suffer from IAQUA entering the market. There have been massive attempts to keep IAQUA from selling on the main watersports markets / EU market.  However, the users will profit in high quality, innovative, state of the art technology, and affordable products.We can only encurage the user and the dealer to check if CAYAGO claims are correct and backed by a judges decision! Anything else is just a unfair trade tool and customer deceiving strategy.

It is our job to confirm that products meed our standards. IAQUA DPV does! That is why we sell IAQUA and forwarded the manufacturer also our high standards and expectations in efficient and sustainable service and distribution philosophy. We have tested IAQUA dieve scooters / DPV and can confirm that it is the best jet driven dive scooter / water sled in the world!

IAQUA dive scooter features & pricing

The product variants are: IAQUA basic (4.999€), mid range (7.499€), the top model (10.999€)

All off the variations share the same dimensions, approx. the same weight, have a professional approved flight box as packing,  and come with a standard charger.

You can use the IAQUA regular and fast chargers for all IAQUA models!

What differentiates the model variations besides price?

First of all you have to understand that all IAQUA models have the nearly the same CAPACITY / Batterie size!

The basic  model contains different battery quality than the mid range and top model.  

IAQUA basic model is equipped with LG standard high power cells, that have a good overall performance and life time.

The mid range and top IAQUA model contain SAMSUNG high power cells.

SAMSUNG cells have a professional overall performance, a bit more capacity, and a higher price. However, LG cells do the job just fine to have fun!

It is a bit like with cars. The same model comes with different engine options! A V8 is of course different in performance and price compared to a V4 engine. V4, or even V3 engines can be powerfull, but they will "rund on the Edge" and suffer in life time. A V 8 ihas lots of punch with much less noise and longer life time.

IAQUA basic model is the affordable version and already one of the most powerfull scooters on the market! ! IAQUA dedicated great specs for the the basic model range,  in order to be on eyesight of the competitors mid range models..  IAQUA basic models hase almost the same capacity like the mid, and top model.. This means just about the same run time.  Competitor's basic model seemes pricy, but in reality you buy approx. half (!) the battery capayity comared to their mid range model. In the end you pay less, but you get less also. To make it look attractive they advertise the low weight. The competitor's basic model is the lightest hig power scooter (approx. - 6 KG), but it has also the by far lowest run time and overal power. If you prefer to carry 6 KG less and accept the lower specs,, then go for the competitor! 

With the IAQUA basic model you receive an attractive package at an attractive price tag! Small draw back is that the basic model comes only in two colours (White and gray). 

IAQUA mid range model is the TOYMASTER's choice. It comes with higher specs. and attractive features. The price is still the best on the market!

SAMSUNG battery cells are on board! The SAMSUNG cells deliver high curent output. Hence the mid range model has the full punch, high speed, at best run time. 

SUB LIGHTS . How to tell cometitors appart from in IAQUA? If you see a light it's  an IAQUA! You can turn the LED high power lights  on and off. With lights you can be seen by others, even during day light! Just like it is obligatory for motorcycles we strongly recommend to switch on lights and increase safety!

Sub Lights are very powerful and enable you to simply use the IAQUA in pitch dark and light up the ocean! We did test dives in Thailand and on Mallorca, and it was stunning to light up night life. You feel like a space ship in 0 gravity ... an unforgettable feeling. With sub lights you double up fun time, because now you can explore oceans also at night! This can be also very interesting for rental stations since at night usually beach business stops ... well not anymore!

CARBON KIT will increase appearance a big deal! Think about sport and luxury cars and how carbon is not only cutting down weight and improving stiffness, it simply looks incredibly cool! mid range models have a carbon display housing and the jet outlet bezel is also carbon.

When IAQUA is applying carbon its real carbon! Other brands apply vinyl wrap,dip in wrap, and even apply real carbon fiber on top of the original plastic body! Well, there is only one real way to apply carbon. The part is a carbon part with carbon benefits like increasement in stiffness and less weight. Only then it is real carbon and will create the stunning look!

SPECIAL COLORS are another striking difference in appearance. IAQUA provides within the + package a free choice of colors. This includes colors that are only reserved for mid range (Corsica Orange and Bahamas Blue), and also metallic colors at no extra costs! We mainly import for you of course the metallic colors, as they improve the appearance in combination with the carbon kit and also contain a better color quality (more layers of paint).

SHARK GUARD (this feature is not available for EU models. It is a simple magnetic field that is generated by an electric pulse that runs through a wire. No guarantee that it keeps sharks away;-)

IAQUA top model is packet with all above features and the key difference is that its complete hull (upper and lower body) is from genuine carbon fiber! Naturally the EON will be the winner in appearance and if you own one then you can call that not only the fastest and most advanced water toy in the world, it is also the most impressive full carbon high tech weapon that increases stiffness and speed up even more.

The properties of a full carbon IAQUA dive scooter are better, because less weight means more speed! Also the stiff body improves agility and planing even more. Is there anything that can be compared to a IAQUA top range model? Well, the competitive product with similar specs is also available in carbon, but it is only carbon laminated. A Maybe real Carbon layer on top of the upper plastic hull … which makes it actually heavier as before. The IAQUA has a true/ genuine light wight CARBON construction. Only IAQUA has lower hull in CARBON and therefor a much stiffer and better Performing hydrodynamicy with cool defusers finishing the sporty look. 

We hope that you now understand that the model variations with IAQUA really mean big differences and not only artificial variation of a core product. No matter what model Name or model version you may spott on the market, IAQUA alsways have a basic, mid range, and toop model that differ in the above specs. besides that, the model Name may indecate the state of technical Evolution and never where actually available / sold in the EU (SEAJET STINGRAY, IAQUA NEO, IAQUA EON, IAQUA ONE, IAQUA 650c, IAQUA 720s, IAQUA 720, IAQUA 770, IAQUA 900. You can be sure that you will receive always the NEWEST IAQUA when you order with us or with one of our dealers! If you order your IAQUA in Advance, you can be sure that it will Always contain newer Technology compared to units in stock. IAQUA dive scooters that where displayed at pre Season boatshows represent rather the former model than the newest, because IAQUA is much faster in innovation than boat shows / the maritime Industry, that usualy presents the new stuff during the end of Season / winter.   

Especially for rental business, commercial use, and just to be sure to cover also heavy weight users, we recommend the mid range models!

Sub Lights are a big plus and the striking look underlines your investment in a power- / beautiful machine.

With mid range IAQUA divescooter we think you purchase the best "bang for your buck", including highest quality components and a striking sporty luxury sport car look at a reasonable price tag.

That is why we stock up mainly the mid range model. However, you are welcome to order with us any IAQUA, and the newest version will be produced and even air shipped to you! If you are confused, buy the actual mid range IAQUA version!