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259€ / day

Onean Spcifications:

  • very powerfull electric surf board
  • supports also heavy drivers (up to 120 KG)
  • up to: 50 km/h / 45 min drive time
  • easy to learn / guaranteed surf fun
  • easy to carry (15 KG board and 2 x 12 KG battery)

Rental Conditions:

  • minimum rental time/payment is 3 days 
  • Identification (passport / ID card), home and local address (hotel / yacht)
  • Deposit 1.500€
  • usage is forbidden near beaches / in restricted areas!
  • pick up & return in Cala Ratjada
  • delivery & pick; up plus 99€ (one way) 

The ONEAN CARVER X is one of the most solid and reliable electric surf boards on the market! We have tested ONEAN in tropical conditions in Thailand and in our summer Season on Mallorca. The board is easy to use because it supports even very heavy drivers. The remote control is easy to use and offers a speed reduction for Beginners. The Carver X comes with two chargers and two batteries. Charge time is approx. 2 Hours (batteries have to cool down after use). Rent the ONEAN and dedicate some time into understandig the board, find a good location where you donn't disturb anybody and enjoy riding.

Riding the ONEAN is real surf feeling because you litteraly stand on the board without any holding line. The ONEAN is a real surf board hull and has exelent planning cababillities. 


199€ / day 

SEABOB Specifications;

  • Seabob F5S is the classic Dive Scooter in beautiful feminin design
  • 4 KW power / 680 N torque / 1,8 KWh Capacity
  • charge time approx. 7 hours (regular charger, quick charger not included) 

SEABOB F5S Rental Conditions:

  • deposit 3000€
  • identification (passport / national ID)
  • minimum rental period 3 days 
  • rental client must have an registered local address (home/hotel/yacht)
  • pick & return in Palma, Alcudia, Cala Ratjada
  • pick up & return 99€ (one way)
  • delivery & pick up outside of Mallorca on request

SEABOB quick charger (90 min charge time) + 89€ / day  (purchase price approx. 2000€!)

Rent a SEABOB and dive in class. SEABOB is the classic Dive Scooter and well known 

since many years. SEABOB is a bit lighter, a bit smaller, and a bit slower compared to 

Competition. SEABOB is a luxury brand that comes at a luxury price.

It's Perfect luxury toy to Shine on deck and in the marina of a mega yacht.